Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sad and Lonely and Nobirds Saddoes

Stephen Maxwell tricked me into looking at the NOBIRDS site for the first time in 7 months. Bastard.

However.......I did find this!!!!!

2) If anyone provides information and they do not want their name associated with it, please advise us at the time of the record 

WHY OH WHY??? would anybody ask this unless???

a) the bird was seen in the company of terrorists or gangland criminals
b) their name was something like Mr. A. Knob
c) they were a nutter with a Dubious preference for islands
d) maybe that's just the way the nobirds operate?
e) stringtastic!
f) suppressorific!

I personally would have thought that's the sort of thing you're asked on your application form to Opus Dei. When confronted with such nobirds absurdities it best to listen to Spiritualized. This one's for you Sad and Lonely - you got owned boy.