Monday, 4 November 2013

Crane photos and other stuff

Thanks to Lynne Gillespie for these superb Crane photos from Myroe. We are not jealous at all, and we are also not jealous of Christine Cassidys Buzzard and Peregrine photos!! I dont think i have ever seen a photo from NI of 2 Peregrines together. Amazing stuff ladies! The last 2 photos show Stephen Maxwell is on the mend and making good use of his time!!

Bird news well there was some at last. The juvenile American Golden Plover was seen Saturday and Sunday (Richard Weyl, Tom Ennis, Ray Bennett, Keith Bennett (not related) and Carol Gillespie.
A drake American Wigeon x Eurasian Wigeon Hybrid was at the Qouile bith days alos (Keith and Ray Bennett again (not related as far as we know!) Tom Ennis, Carol Gillespie