Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday 11th November

Not much to report on the Northern Front! On Saturday a first winter Ring Billed Gull was on a beach one mile north of Portavogie. Larry McGarrys (Little Egrets) are everywhere at the minute, 2 at Whitehouse Lagoon yesterday was a high count for there (there is usually one!)

 Thanks to Christine Cassidy for these super Larry photos!

 Andrew Poots sent me a terse email and used words like Mecca, Richill, Birding, Albatross, Gannet. To be honest most of it was pyscho babble but Andrew has sent us more photos thank goodness, this time of Western Orphean Warbler, Spanish Sparrow and Yellow Breasted Bunting, its certainly all happening in Richill!

 Stephen Maxwell is making good use off his enforced lat off!