Friday, 29 November 2013

NIBirding Friday 29th November

PTO. Post Tawny Owl Day 4. Still no statement from the Nobirds crowd, the longer you leave it guys....!! But they do appeal for sightings and interestingly they say you can report sightings on Twitter. BUT what they dont say if they dont like you, you cant report sightings on Twitter. That guys is dicrimination. We urge everyone to report every Starling, Brent Goose and Penguin they see to the Nobirds, keep them busy, they have plenty of time on their hands as they do no birding in Northern Ireland.

Number one Spoonbill may be gone, but he isnt forgotten, thanks to Ian Dickey for the great photo. 

 A few few photos of an apparent Male Wigeon x American Wigeon hybrid in Donegal

 Thanks to Brag Robson for the Ring Billed Gull photos from Nimmos Pier in Galway, which used to be the premier gull site in Irelaand, its day will come again.

 And finally another great selection from Christine Cassidy, Ray hide her camera!!