Wednesday, 27 November 2013

NIBirding Wednesday 27th November

PTO DAY 2. Still no word from Nobirds on the Scrawney Owl, but its early days. We think they are having a meeting today and we will publish the minutes of the meeting tomorrow! Should be a bit of fun!
We also believe that there is a second Spoonbill!! (dont say we never admit when we are wrong! which at the minute is all the time!) It was found by Robert Vage on Sunday. Robert found the first Spoonbill (sadly deceased after flicking through a Nobirds report) when it relocated to Castle Espie and while doing an IWEBS count on Sunday found the second Spoonbill. So its out there!
Some photos of a dirty manky old 2nd winter Iceland Gull found by Theo Campbell et aal at Greencastle Co.Down. All gulls are hybrids according to Theo and so are all ducks! Thanks Theo!