Tuesday, 5 November 2013

No. 596

It's when people are under pressure that everything becomes fair game - let's face it Lance Armstrong won all those races and he was on performance enhancing drugs......but he still won and what he wanted to be was the greatest person ever who took drugs and rode a bike. He may not be 'one of the most successful cyclists of all time' because he cheated but he's certainly the most successful person to take drugs and ride a bike in the history of the universe. He knew what he set out to do and he achieved it or at least he was aware of what he was doing and thought he'd convinced everyone else he'd achieved something different so fair play to him until he was caught.

Spo  - Beautiful Yellow Underwing on the Murlough list?
I have no such worries - I need only look to the twilight network of the Unknown Arbiters......those people who know not why we mere mortals cannot see why it is what it is and carry enough authority to supercede all rarities committeesesesesseess (that means several committees in plural for Daily Express readers)

I didn't count this on the Murlough list as it was c.100m from the reserve boundary. In other words I'm a git.

Beautiful Yellow Underwing by Sam Millar

Anyway, well done to Sam Millar for species no. 596 on the Murlough List - found in 2011. Given that the caravan park he saw it in IS BUILT on Murlough I think this counts....and  it has just got the nod from that strange cabal of individuals that make up ....The Unknown Arbiters (who know what they're talking about). If you think that the Mekon's brain was big in comparison to their sum total knowledge then you believe that the only stars Russell Grant is interested in are found in the sky above us not down below

Oh, and I could have waited until species 599 to make this public and Sam would have bagged number 600 but I'm a git after all. Here's the pixies.