Sunday, 8 December 2013

Derek...I'm not so sure

Think about it - all these rare birds, an obsession with gulls. What do you really know about Derk Charles (known affectionately as Derk to his acquaintances)? He could be pulling your leg, it might all be a ruse, this entire website could be nothing other than an enormous piss-take. Imagine that?

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth....I also saw some redwing, wood pigeon, snipe, rooks, dunnock, fieldfare, greenshank, lapwing, shelduck, pale-bellied brent, hooded crow, sparrow, starling, a great tit, herring gulls, cormorant, domestic geese, domestic chickens for that matter, magpies, blackbirds, I hear a goldcrest yesterday, black-headed gulls, did I say jackdaw, no, so add in a bucketload of those, goosander (sleeping), mallard duck (in a curry), egg (on toast), beaver (isn't a bird but used to be a fish), meadow pipit (common as muck), larry mcgarry (less said the better), tawny owl (nobody in ireland has seen one of them). elderflower wine (very nice, if slighlty too alcoholic causing dspelling misthakes.) i used to kepp zebrafincjes, they went singavinginvaing or somtehing. wonder why tey were called sebrafinches. derk is evil.

that's whoat I dig saw today. so I dod. xo ye are . sah ah did sah.