Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa
I have been a good boy all year, Can I have the following:
A Nobirds Bird Report 2009 or my £20 back
A set of Nobirds accounts for the past 5 year's so that we can find out were all the money went.
Some mice to feed the Tawny Owl as it can't fend for itself.
A pen so that I can finally tick Baikal Teal a birdy has told me that Nobirds have finally accepted it after 9 years, not bad going even for them
A moth trap
A Green Woodpecker
A Black Duck
A Nuclear Bomb taking out Co, Tyrone
Dave and Orcilla getting released from Maghaberry
Chez Veales Evening Bistro to be reopened
A return to the good old day's when everyone was nice to your face
We will leave a mince pie and some booze out for you and 10p incase you want to ring Flapline.