Friday, 13 December 2013

NIBirding Friday 13th December

The 2 Long Tailed Ducks were still off the Car Park at the visitor centre at the Qouile River (Robin Vage)
Spoonbill the second was still at Castle Espie, it must be sick as well!
 Many thanks to Mervyn Campbell for todays selection, check the photo above and spot the Barnacle Goose in with the Greylag flock!

Thanks to Stephen Maxwell for the above, Stephen has assked us to remind people that he still has the complete Garry Glitter back catalouge for sale if anyone is interested.
Police in Londonerry have asked us for help in catching Northern Irelands number one Gull Botherer pictured above. After numerous complaints from members of the public of a strange man feeding gulls stale bread and muttering "what lovely tertials you have" and "can i stroke your scapulars" on the Quay in Derry the PSNI set up a hidden camera. Right on cue "Mr Green Anorak" as the Police have labelled him arrived yesterday moring carrying some 3 week old Pats Pan. Greeny then proceeded to fire crumbs of the stale bread at the gulls heads forceing them to eat it against their will, more disgustingly he can also be seen eating some of the 3 week old bread himself and mumbling "your not getting it all you flying rats" As he was leaving he started shouting abuse at passing pensioners "Nobirds Iceland Gull and Glaucous, bloody stringers" before becoming slightly more pleasant and saying "That Tawny Owl was wild you know, just ask the Pantymime Horse"
The PSNI have said this man must be caught, "We think he is one of those Dissedent Gull Botherers and he must not be approaced by members of the public as he could also be carrying some primed VEDA bread that could explode at any second" Thanks to my two undercover special brancch officers for this!