Friday, 6 December 2013

NIBirding Friday 6th December

PTO DAY12. Post Tawny Owl day 12, my goodness its nearly 2 weeks and still no anouncement from Nobirds! How difficult can it be? Perhaps they need to hold a meeting, but that would involve jetting in members from outside Northern Ireland, maybe they have run out of money to pay for flights? Expect membership prices to be raised, £20 a year sounds like a good round figure, sure look what you get for your £10 already? Absolutely nothing, so for twenty pounds you will get double absolutely nothing, Sweet FA as we used to say at school. But at least you can sleep safely in your beds knowing your money is keeping the aircraft industry going. That is of course conjecture, we dont know but as Nobirds dont make any statements, dont have any meetings and dont publish any accounts we have no idea what they are doing with everyones money, including my £20 and Andrews!! While they have my money i have the right to be critical! We want our money back! But come on boys you dont need a meeting, the Tawny Owl broke into Castle Ward and was begging for food!! Even for you guys thats not a difficult one.
Anyway some great Red Kite and Lampey photos by Ronald Surgenor and the last photo by guess who, yes its Stephen!!