Thursday, 12 December 2013

NIBirding Thursday 12th December

Due to the lack of any decent birds we have to continue with PTO (Post Twny Owl) Its about day 15 and not even a peep from Nobirds, lets remember these are the guys who started the bloody fiasco. The very very least they could do is make a statement, it would be too much to expect an apology as Andrew has been waiting on an apology for 4 years. Perhaps they will do it on Christmas Day, a present for all of us is how they would see it!! We can only assume due to the lack of a statement that they still think its wild, hilarious!
Thanks to Christine Cassidy for some great goose photos and a couple of bonus photos as well, the two white things are Christines pet Labradoors called Blackie and Brownie. Christine takes them everywhere and Christine says that they are cheap to run as they dont eat any dog food. Ray is buying Christine contacts for Christmas!