Tuesday, 3 December 2013

NIBirding Tuesday 3rd December

Morning after the Night Before at Floodgates.

Little Egret before.

After 3 sachets of Resolve,2 Red Bulls,a mouthful of Seaweed, 4 round of veda with a slab of butter on each and a morning constitutional round to Castle Espie he was good to go 5 rounds with the second Spoonbill.
Brian Douglas.

Thanks To Andrew Poots for this Tree Sparrow photo. Andrew has admitted that recently he has suffered holosinations brought on by eating tooo much Arctic Roll and that he no longer see's and Gannets over Richill.
Dave and Orcilla were recently at the Ebro Delta in Spain, part of a prisoner exchange scheme they have with a Spanish prison near Barcelona. At Lobregatt Reserve they found this portrait of Andrew (it really is him) which commemorates the year Andrew spent there in his youth.
Dave and Orcilla also gripped Andrew off with a lovely fluffy moth. They have brought one back for Andrew which they will give him when he visits them in Maghaberry Prison. Orcilla only has 9 months of her 3 year sentence, Dave has been a bad boy in prison, he got caught running a Cider still and wont be out for nearly a year. Orcilla is happy enough with this!


Some Goosy photos from Lough Island Reavy, thanks to Ian Wray for these