Wednesday, 11 December 2013


 Ian Dickey always wanted to own an Owl ever since he was in short trousers but his parents told him wait to your next birthday and we will get you long trousers and an Owl. But Ians parents only told him half the truth and right enough on his 21st Birthday they presented him with a pair of long slacks and a Budgie. Ian was heart broken as the trousers were cream coloured and Ian wanted slate or charcoal coloured slacks but he hid his dissapointment and only ever told Merlin his Budgie. Now that was seventy years ago, times when you could fly your fleg anywhere you wanted, Spoonbills bred at Castle Espie and Nobirds membership was £10. For Ians 90th Birthday Mrs Dickey decided to surprise Ian with a vegetarian mackeral truffle cake and a baby Owl. So Mrs Dickey rang the local pet shop but she was told its illegal to keep Owls in Northern Ireland but the kind lady gave Mrs D the number of Big Seamy from Ligonel who could sort her out. 4 bus trips later Mrs D was at Seamees and bought a fluffy tiny Owl for Ian. On the morning of Ians 90th Birthday there was great rejoicing when Ian found the Owl sitting on the edge of his bed begging for food but things started to go wrong when Noddy demolished the Mackeral Truffle Cake not even leaving any crust or crumbs for Ian. Dinner time was always fun as Noddy would never eat the Spaghetti Bolognese or Mince Pies that Mrs D served up but would always scoff the Sardine Surprise Souffle or Eel Bourginion. Things came to a head one evening when Noddy so upset at not getting a Trout Treat pulled the strings on Mrs D's pinny, spinning her round and depositing her into the dishwasher, legs akimbo!. Ian had to give Noddy the Owl away to a transient Eqyptian who lives outside Bushmills and Ian still visits every weekend and takes Noddy for a swim in the sea, Ian knows this is unusal behaviour for an Owl. Ian says that he has been contacted by Nobirds and they have accepted Noddy as a wild owl and its added to the Northern Ireland list. Thanks to Ian for these photos of Noddy!