Tuesday, 31 December 2013

PSNI Statement

The PSNI have reminded us that under no circumstances will anybody WITHOUT a NOBIRDS membership will be admitted to Castleward tomorrow, although they admit anyone waving a ten spot at a committee member will probably get waved through the heavy police cordon.
It will be a fun packed day with 3 keynote speeches.
The first is entitled "Why we said it was wild after just 24 hours"
The 2nd is "Why we told the press it was a first for Ireland"
And "When we are going to admit we are total fuckwits"
There will be several appearances by Scrawny in the lecture theatre where for just £10 you can hand feed fluffy
Refreshments will be on sale with Black Duck burgers are expected to fly of the shelves like a Green Woodpecker at Portmore.
It should be a grear start to 14