Friday, 24 January 2014

Exclusive! Dead Moth Photo

Portland Moth, Murlough NNR, Co. Down, 1978 - last record of this moth in Northern Ireland

Can I tick it? Yes I can.........well, if you can tick a Tawny Owl hooked up to a drip and being tube-fed cock-a-leekie soup then I think I'm within in my rights to tick a 35 years dead moth. Anyway, some people go all the way to Thailand to string a Spork-billed Stork wearing a pepsi-cola t-shirt and high heels and that's somehow deemed acceptable. What am I on about? only the initiated can know.

.....and now you can too!!! Membership rate is only £9.99 (cheaper than nobirds all the latest gossip on the sordid world of Dreek Charse, no news on common and resident breeding birds whatsoever, currency exchange linked membership for Eurozone members and free bird report. Honestly, a free bird report - yes, we know that Northern Ireland is notorious for exporting birders to Colombia and running pyramid bird report schemes but this is an absolutely nearly genuine honest guv offer.'s some spooky music in honour of a long dead moth.....and to the future dead (who will be legion) that will pass over without seeing a nobirds report.