Friday, 24 January 2014

For a bit of entertainment go nobirding and find out where the Pacific Diver is today - is it 100m metres from where it was yesterday, maybe it's 100m to the left, no hold on that was 5 minutes ago. Maybe it's in the middle of the lough? Maybe it's pissed off for a fag break?


It's a simple equation - binoculars plus telescope = Pacific Diver. Lough Fea. Pinpoint the location of a single bird on an open access site but have no idea where all the bird report money went? Thank god the nobirds are an entirely fictional entity and thus I can't be sued by my own figment of imagination. Because otherwise I'd be in trouble if I said they were utterly twite. A bunch of bustards.The whole lot of them are just Arctic Skuas and Great Skuas (in the Northern Ireland vernacular)