Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday 31st January

The male AMERICAN WIGEON was seen at Reedy Flat, Lough Neagh.

Might as well end the week with another McGarry booting, they have really excelled themselves this week! In their latest free advertisement (im sure its not free!) they do an awful write up on the brilliant New Breeding Atlas, its absolutely dire and worth a read on its own. Their write up would nearly put you off buying it but dont it is excellent. However they forget to mention how Tawny Owl features in the latest Atlas but tellingly they say isotope analyses on Great Spotted Woodpecker feathers prove that the Irish breeding popultion comes from the UK. No surprise there but at least its proven, i do wonder how they are getting on with the Tawny Owl feathers? Hope they release the results soon, i want to know if i can tick it or not they do have feathers dont they, i hope they dont have to come and ask me for my feathers!

The latest Pacific Diver photo has gone pyshadellic. The photographer who doesnt want to be named is from the Belfast area and took the photograph standing in Draperstown Main Street. He does own a camera, honest!

Some Spoony photos, no not Spoon Billed Sandpiper but the Spoonbill at Castle Espie. I hate Spoon Billed Sandpipers and Pacific Divers!