Monday, 6 January 2014

NIBirding Monday 6th January

Nothing new in the world of NIBirding

Nobirds have started the year in fine style with a mystery raptor competition!! But hold on a minute, they are the guys who proudly boasted that they are there to "Educate us"!!! So why are they asking the great unwashed? I sent the photos to friends and here are their replys
1 / Who cares?
2 / A Spoonbill
3/ A US Drone
4/ Fuck Knows
5/ A Penguin
6/ Willie Fazer
7/ Pope Francis
8/ Whatever it is its an escape
9/ Ring Flapline
10/ Its a Fuzzy Wuzzy
11/ Its a Ruddy Duck in Panto
12/That's a set up, one boy is throwing up a stuffed Falcon 
13/ John Denver
14/Outlaw Duck (no, can't be - Nobirds killed them all)
15/ A Lada Riva
16/ Yer Ma!
17/ Haast's Eagle
19/ Un Camembert
20/  The Face of Satan
21/ Laika
22/A Robin, of course
23/Elvis Lives
24/ Mrs. Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Gl├╝cksburg Saxe-Coburg Gotha
25/Thayer's Gull
26/ Spam spam spam and spam
27/ The Montgolfier Brothers
28/ Siberian Blue Robin, must be
29/ A Plastic Bag from Lidl
30/Spoon-billed Sandpiper faeces
31/ A Transylvanian Naked Neck
32/ Did anybody mention John Denver?
33/ A Golden Turkey Drummer
34/ Mr Ben dressed as a Buzzard
35/A Boa Constrictor exploding
36/Shrodingers Cat
37/ An American Robin?
38/ A Deep-fried Haggis
39/That's my photograph - the thievin' b*****ds!
40/ A Spruce Goose
41/Jimmy Hoffa
42/ A Crested Tit with its head up its arse
43/ A Mysteron
44/ A Green Woodpecker at Portmore
45/ An Itchyosaurus
46/ A Larry McGarry (had to get that one in somewhere!)
47/ MERS-CoV in aerial transmission (shouldn't joke about that!)
48/ A slug
49/A Kerr's Pink thrown at police lines
50/ An Eastern Jackdaw

I need to get more friends, none of them got it right - it's Eddie the Eagle!!!.

Thanks to Gavin Ferguson for the Larry McGarry and Grebe photos

Thnaks to Christine Cassidy for the photos below