Thursday, 16 January 2014

NIBirding Thursday 16th January

A Little Auk was showing down to 1metre at Loughshore Road, Portaferry (Billy Miskelly)  
Dont forget our 2011 bird report!! Just email us for a copy and we also have 2009-2010 as well!! Andrew tells us he is half thinking of doing a 2012 report as well now, good luck to him with that!
Im still waiting on my copy of the Nobirds 2009 report, its now 5 years later and no sign, they still have my £20 however. Where has all the money gone? The word on the street is that Nobirds are going to accept the escaped Tawny Owl as a wild bird. Seemingly breaking and entering into a classroom, begging for food and getting hand fed is all good for a wild bird!! You could not make it up. Presumeably they have tested a feather to prove their hypothesis that it has come from the Isle of Man. They did collect feathers didnt they? I have 2 if they want them!! They surely got the feathers  tested, only fools would accept a record such as this without isotope analysis evidence. So presumeably they have had another meeting if they have accepted it. That will mean flying in committee members from UK and Middle East for meeting. I wonder who is paying for flights? NIBA members tenners!!
Here is a Snowy Owl recently photographed in an avairy. But hold on its illegal to keep owls without a license!! Dont tell me people out there are breaking the law!!
 I think everyone loved the recent Nobirds mystery raptor! Here is one sent to us by Jim Kerr, he thinks its a Snowy Owl and looking at the photo who could blame him. We have suggested he sends it to Nobirds for a bit of education and to get it accepted.
 Stoats are cute, just dont tell that to any Rabbits you know! Thanks to Mervyn Campbell for these brilliant photos

 Some Male Ring Necked Duck photos, we have plenty of these!

Thanks to Ken Clegg for these!