Thursday, 30 January 2014

NIBirding Thursday 30th January

The Pacific Diver was still at Lough Fea, Cookstown this morning. However at 11.20 it flew high, circling and then disappeared in the direction of Cookstown. It hasnt be relocated as yet. (Christine Cassidy, Theo Campbell)

........and then it turned up again.

Good old Nobirds, when they get on a roll they are almost unstopable!! A couple of classic on the one day, saying there was a Black Throated Diver 5 metres offshsore and posting a photo of a Great Northern (which was also seen), lets see the Black Throat photo Nobirds!!
And now they are advertiseing themselves as the "Bring and Buy" people of Birding in NI!! You want something sold just let them know, maybe some old welly boots, a stuffed Great Auk or even old Nobirds reports (no resale value in them!!) But buyer beware, check how much commision they would be wanting, knowing them it will be about 50%, flights to pay for you know!! Just where has all the money gone? I hope all the money has gone into the isotope analysis of the Tawny Owl feathers, it was from the Isle of Man you know! They do have feathers dont they?

The following note and photo was sent in by the finder of the Roof loving Nobirds Great White Egret, he wants to remain nameless as being a Nobirder makes even mad people laugh at you. If i remember rightly this is the 4th unsubstansiated Nobirds Great White Egret they have reported in the last 2 years, and guess what none have been seen again, makes you wonder! Well it doesnt really, shows just how desperate and stupid they are.

"Last night I was fairly tanked up on Tramadol and went into a state of
suspended animation whilst watching the last 2 episodes of series2 of
The Bridge and the first episode of Hinterland on the I Pad ( all dark
and brooding ).

I must have dosed off for a while as i remember dreaming about Great
White Egrets flying over the Moat Park"

Another brilliant photo of the Pacific Diver below, kind of reminds me of the good old days when Andrew had a camera! The photographer wishes to remain annonymous

Thanks to Ian Dickey for these Great Northern Diver photos. I still havent seen the Pacific Diver, im not going either, if Andrew twitched it im not interested. Some Siberian Chiffchaff photos as well. Where are all the Thailand photos?