Wednesday, 22 January 2014

radio nibirding

hELLO EVERYBODY and welcome to the opposite of a nobirds ed-you-cay-shun'. Very punk rock lads. Tune in and fall asleep but expect your post to arrive on time, bird reports for free and no tawny owls nibbling doritos out of the crack of yer arse - it's Radio Nibirding.

I've just received this tweet from Mr. Henk Jarlson (cousin of Henk Jarlsberg) that says 'ha ha ha guys, I hope Dreek Charse won't be viewing the Pacific Diverse, and I hope he dipsh the shpoon-billed shandpipersh'

Well, lets hope that's a scud on you Mr. Dreek Charse. This ishz the rollings shtonesh.....