Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Radio Nibirding

And seeing as it's nearly December again, only 11 months to go, it's the Tuesday Night Nibirding Requests Show. As usual we have only one person making a request - famous northern ireland birdwatcher, with a slew of NI firsts under his belt, the young, the nubile, Mr Patti Smith.
People have often asked us 'is this Mr. Patrick Smith from Rathguff Avenue, Dungannon?' Thankfully it isn't as that Paddy Smith is a one-eyed nutter famous for eating a wooden chair, without his dentures in, after downing 2 litres of poteen and snorting a packet of crushed polo mints. His cousin Pat Schmitt used to be a nobirds committee member and once harpooned a scandinavian rock pipit but threw in his resignation in disgust at the lack of public engagement events that included face-painting workshops. Anyway Mr Patti Smith likes Jim...........and why wouldn't ye?