Friday, 24 January 2014

Some Twite from Gavin Ferguson

There's always the temptation to rhyme the bird twite with a rude word but I'm much more cautious than to do that. Where extreme caution should certainly be exercised is when walking in Larne and you hear the song below  - it's almost guaranteed you'll turn around and see a guy step out of a Austin Metro looking like an extra out of Bonanza who comes up to you and says 'Alright hey, pardner - you ain't from around these here parts, are ye hey?'

It'll be Gavin Ferguson - by all means say hello but be warned that every topic will tangent into a conversation about how Elvis had his roots in Larne, how Gavin is closely related, how Colonel Tom Parker's lawyers shafted him and how he has one of the most extensive collections of Confederate army memorabilia in western Europe. After that it's usually a few swigs of Mundie's and out comes the Hound Dog but in fairness he does do an uncanny version of In the Ghetto - he's definitely related. He also takes some twite photographs or am I being  too rude before the watershed?