Thursday, 9 January 2014

Thursday 9th January

The Northern Ireland year listing challenge 2013 was won by Keith Bennett! Keith recorded 191 species which was no mean feat considering it was a relitively poor year for scarce birds in Northern Ireland. That said we think Keith cheated or else he cant use a a calculator. A Numpty was second with 182 species and the Chef was third with 178 although we actually think he had over 200 but was too modest to say!! Last was Andrew with 24 species although he did see 921 Moth species. Well done Keith, a well deserved victory, Keith managed to find most of his total himself which again is some achievement! I dont think anyone will forget the Montagues Harrier!

Red Breasted Mergansers sound a bit rude, unlike Gavin Ferguson who kindly sent us these! Gavin thinks these particular Mergansers are secret DUP spy submarines, we dont know what he is talking about.

 You just cant get enough Grey Phal photos, these are from General Eisenhower!