Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tuesday 14th January NIBirding

The Siberian Chiffchaff is still present at Rockport. A Black Throated Diver was offshore (Ronald Surgenor, Billy Miskelly)

Nobirds McGarrys are excelling themselves this weather, hope nobody goes for the Snow Goose. its a hybrid. Why have they stopped educating us all? I cant work it out. Lets hope the McGarrys didnt go all the way to Wexford and didnt take Tim, because who would put an advertisement on "their" site for a lift for Tim, go themseleves and not take the person requireing the lift! Only the McGarrys would do that!

Thanks to Christine Cassidy for the Ring Billed Gull photos and some photos of the Chiffchaff.