Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wednesday 29th January

They just keep on trucking, making up complete nonsence as they go along, yes its the Nobirds lads with yet another classic. They tell us that there have been 5 Glossy Ibis reports this year, they are on safe ground there but then they tell us that there could be up to 3 birds responceible!! Pure class and a touch of genius as well, where do they actually think up this stuff. They must lock themselves in a room and have a "Buck Stupid Convention" every month. It would be great if they could educate us as to the reasoning behind this. As none of the reports have been ringed birds we do not know if 1 wide rangeing bird is responcible, 5 different birds or any combination in between. Unless there is proof to the contrary then they have to be treated as seperate birds, to pick a number like 3 is typical Nobirds, keep it up lads!! By the way where has all the money gone? 

None of your old close ups of the Pacific Diver on here, we much prefer photos like this, sent in by John Caughey. We suspect John photographed the Diver from nearby Draperstown 6 mile away, next time John try and get a bit closer to the lake.

Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for the first 3 photos and then yet more Grey Phalarope photos, we are not finished yet either, its either Phalarope / Chiffchaff photos or gull photos! Pacific Diver photos are for wimps