Friday, 28 February 2014

Radio Nibirding

NIBirding Friday 28th February

The Glossy Ibis was still at Oxford Island.
The escaped and disgraced male Red Crested Pochard was showing ridiculously well at Lurgan Park Lake. Nobirds should send their top photographers out after it tomorrow, remember guys wait until the bird comes to you!

Thanks to Ian Dickey for todays photos and also Mr Maxell

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Radio Nibirding Request Show

Well, Northern Ireland people - it was all over the news today, we thought it was the finish of the whole thing. Everything gone kaput. back to the madness - everything going up the left again and direct rule making all the decisions. At least then there was certainty, not like it is at the moment. An imperfect peace is no way to live - dictated to by a group of people,disconnected from reality and with their own personal political aspirations, making decisions for us - whilst claiming to be like us? No surprises that there was no real truth to the threats that Larry McGarry was going to resign from the Nobirds committee.
It was just the usual posturing to cover up for ineptitude and subterfuge. Who do we trust? Not the nobirds but we're constantly told that there's nobody else! We'll just stick to this path until there's open warfare on the streets again as a result of a decision to accept a ship-assisted Shore Plover that was sworn to make a rasping noise as it fell lifelessly into Belfast harbour.  Business as usual in northern ireland. black ducks and eagle owls all around. Pygmy Owl? Bismarck Hawk Owl? We've got 'em all here. tenner a pop. not too sure about other species of owls. We have around 200 species of owls in Northern Ireland (minus Tawny Owl). Here's a request from stephen 'jake the dicmax' maxwell. Yer Uncle Hugo loves ye.....(although he's not too sure about your MC Hammer trousers).

radio nibirding

NIBirding Thursday 27th February

A Merlin was at Gilford rd Lurgan

Thanks to Mark Killops for the first two photos, then we interviewed the Nobirds Scrawny Owl and finish of with some Kumliens Gulls photos

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Radio nibirding

NIBirding Wednesday 26th February

The male Surf Scoter was again off Newcastle, Bob Shaw
A juvenile Glaucous Gull was at Enniskillen Tip (Brad Robson)

Andrew is bonkers, he is insisting on doing another bird report after Nobirds called him "Birdguides" on their blog. Imaagine sitting at home all day waiting on other people finding birds and then using them as if they are all knowing. You would think that sitting in the house all day they could do a bird report or two while they were waiting, maybe they spend all the time counting their money! Where has all the money gone?

Thanks to Mervyn Campbell for the great, Great Northern photos and to Stephen Maxwell who else! for the photo of the Buckie Eggs, well named! Some big fat Glauc photos as well!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

radio nibirding

NIBiridng Tuesday 25th February

Yesterday afternoon the male Surf Scoter was still off Newcastle Harbour, there was no sign of the female. 

Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for a selection of photos from the North Coast.
Also thanks to Ian Wray for the Pacific Diver shots, surprise that one turning up again!

Monday, 24 February 2014

radio nibirding

NIBirding Monday 24th February

Late news from Strangford Lough at the weekend, on Saturday at Kircubbin yacht club 8 Black-Throated Diver. Between Kircubbin and Greyabbey Bay 19 Slavonian Grebe. A Jack Snipe at Horse Island.
On Sunday at Ballyquintin Point a Short-Eared Owl and a Jack Snipe. At Portavogie 33 Great-northern diver. (All Richard Weyl)
Thanks to Ian Dickey for the first three photos and then a cute second winter Kumliens Gull from Killybegs

Sunday, 23 February 2014

radio nibirding

NIBirding Sunday 23rd February

The male SURF SCOTER off Newcastle has been joined by a female SURF SCOTER! Andrew Crory.
Glossy Ibis still at Closet Oxford Island
Thanks to Christine Cassidy for the Iceland Gull photos