Tuesday, 11 February 2014

CRANE Photos!

When Ian Dickey rang to say he was watching a Crane i thought he had broken into Harland and Wolff again. Ian is barred from the Harland and Woolf site because of his obcession with their Cranes! Then he told me that he was ringing me while driving down the road after the Crane!! I began to worry and was wondering had he either overdosed on medication or had he fallen in with a Heroin dealer in Carnlough. I was really worried about him, taking up injecting heroin straight into his eyeball is not the thing to be taking up in your retirement. I never thought another thing about it until these dropped into my Inbox and i was near sick! The Crane is probably the 11th Northern Ireland record (13 birds). Well done Ian! These are without doubt among the best rarity photos ever taken in Northern Ireland