Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday 10th February

No bird news today, must be a rare gull or Glosdy Ibis out there!

We have been asked to educate punters in areas of identification. Here is our first identification headache "Seperating Mute Swan from Spoonbill" 

 Spoonbills are generally smaller in size than Mute Swans with noticable differences in both leg and bill length. But care is need if you come across a decapitated bird in an advanced stage of decomposition especially if it has no bill or legs. In events such as this look round you for any Spoonbill's which may be present. In Northern Ireland we get one about every 5 years. This would give you a bit of a clue. Mute Swans are very common and also a bit stupid. If you find a dead Swan do not ring Flapline and inform them its a Spoonbill (unless it has a long Spoon type bill and big wangly long legs) The McGarrys will only report it, they will report anything by anybody, thats the type of them.

Thanks to Mark Killops for this class photo of the Lurgan Glossy Ibis

Here are 3 Glaucous Gull photos, i got frostbite waiting for them to approach me. They are gulls they do not approach people. I have frostbite.

Its Redpoll madnes today with 3 photos by Mervyn Campbell and two by Andrew Poots, thanks guys

Steepehn Maxwell has not been taking the right colour of tablets again!