Thursday, 20 February 2014

NIBirding Thursday 20th February

Its the height of the gull season and NI cant even manage an Iceland Gull. A Ross's Gull was found today at that Gull mecca Lady's Island Lake in Wexford

Ian Dickey has supplied the first 5 photos and he has deliberatly sent me another photo of the Crane, just to sicken my happyness! But i have reported Ian to both the PSNI and the USPCA and im thinking of telling the RSPB as well! I hope they take his driving licence and camera off him and bar him from keeping Cranes in his garden shed.

 Thanks to Stephen Maxwell for this photo of a Rough Legged Hawk from North America, photo taken by Alwyn Spence

This Redhead Goosander spent several weeks at Newcastle Boating Pond in the early part of the winter