Thursday, 6 February 2014

NIBirding Thursday 6th February

15 Snow Buntings were at Slieveanee Co.Antrim (Dave Allen et al)

Those Naughty Naughty Nobirders really are some craic!! They have now produced a New Countryside Code for Birders and Photographers. Their education of the masses knows no bounds! These are the guys who posted photos on their Blog of Northern Irelands rarest breeding bird LITTLE EGRET at the NEST!! They have also posted photographs of another rare breeding bird the Reed Warbler at the nest as well as numerous photos of birds like Reed Warblers that are repeatedly tape lured out, how do i know, because i have witnessed it in action at Oxford Island!! At times at Oxford Island in the summer there appears to be more Reed Warblers inside the hide than outside!These are also the guys who chased the Snowy Owl round and round all on Private Land!!! They didnt use the Nobirds Courtesy Birding Rules Then!! Go Nobirds!! For anyone who may have missed it, here it is below! Absolute Classic

Nobirds Birding Courtesy!!

A number of people have asked us to highlight the following:
Please do not venture onto private land to view birds, without the landowners prior permission.
Please respect signs about private property and access.
Park vehicles so they do not interfere with local access.
Please do not harass birds for photographs. Some of the excellent recent pics have been obtained by those who have shown patience to let the bird come closer to them!

Thanks to Gary Woods for the Ring Necked Duck photos and to Christine Cassidy for the other photos. Gary and Christine assured us that the birds came closer to them, they showed a lot of patience!