Wednesday, 12 February 2014

NIBirding Wednesday 12th February

The Glossy Ibis was still at Oxford Island this afternoon, while I was there I observed a photographer jump over a gate into the field where the Ibis was! Who should I report this to! Very naughty!

It has come to our attention that Ian Dickey did not follow the recent dictate by the Nobirds Countryside Alliance on the rules governing bird photos! This makes Ian, naughtier than the Nobirds. Apperently Ian, had do execute a dougnout, then drive wrecklessly at speeds above the limits set by the guys in blue, includeing going round bends on two wheels, tresspassing on private drives and lanes and then hasselling the poor Vagrant, and for what? Ian follow the Nobirds Rules, let the bird come to you! You will get better photos that way!!
Everyone knows that the Nobirds were wound up by certain people and hadnt the sense they were born with. It shows extreme arrogance to tell people what to do and how they should do it but hats off to the guy who would them up, will buy him a tea next time i see him at the "Island!"

Thanks to Mark Killops for these photos of the Island Glossy Ibis!

 Thanks to Andrew Poots who is still feeding the Yellowhammers christmas cake! They absolutely love it but Andrew is fast running out of cake!
 Thanks to Ian Dickey for these 2 Ring Billed Gull photos!