Wednesday, 19 February 2014

NIBirding Wednesday 19th April

In Donegal an adult Iceland Gull was at Greencastle, Red Necked Grebe at Inch Lake and Green Winged Teal at Blanket Nook (T.Campbell et al)
Thanks to Mark Killops for these great Ibis photos. I know a woman who owns a wool shop in Lurgan and she told me last weekend a nice smart man with camera gear came in and bought 80 balls of "Dark Curlew" wool off her and told her that he was knitting himself a Curlew outfit over the weekend! We are sure it wasn't Mark!

 Thanks to Mervyn Campbell for these brilliant wader photos. Mervyn aalso reported that he couldnt see Campbeltown from Ballycastle, those Nobirders need a Map!

And finally ssome hybris Ring Billed Gull photos, what a blog this is!