Wednesday, 26 February 2014

NIBirding Wednesday 26th February

The male Surf Scoter was again off Newcastle, Bob Shaw
A juvenile Glaucous Gull was at Enniskillen Tip (Brad Robson)

Andrew is bonkers, he is insisting on doing another bird report after Nobirds called him "Birdguides" on their blog. Imaagine sitting at home all day waiting on other people finding birds and then using them as if they are all knowing. You would think that sitting in the house all day they could do a bird report or two while they were waiting, maybe they spend all the time counting their money! Where has all the money gone?

Thanks to Mervyn Campbell for the great, Great Northern photos and to Stephen Maxwell who else! for the photo of the Buckie Eggs, well named! Some big fat Glauc photos as well!