Wednesday, 5 February 2014

NIBirding Wednesday 5th February

Both Glossy Ibis were still present at both Ballycarry and Derrymacash Lurgan

Its a little bit of Nobirds embarrassment time!! Yes it has come to our attention that the claimed "Dead Nobirds Spoonbill" at Castle-Espie was in fact a decapitated Mute Swan!! There is no second Spoonbill, the second Spoonbill is the first Spoonbill and the First Spoonbill is still the first Spoonbill but also the second Spoonbill as well! Confused? Yet another Nobirds cock up, we know that they have known about it for some time but decided to try and cover it up, bad move guys!! You McGarrys are just Brilliant! Never ever stop!

Ian Dickey at least brings some sanity back wwith some great Gull photos and Mervyn Campbell has kindly sent in some Pacific Diver photos taken in the fog and mist of dreary Co.Tyrone!