Monday, 17 February 2014

NIBiridng Tuesday 18th February

Nothing to report on the birding front, Ian Dickry seen a funny bird in a field in Portrush, it was an Ostrich, he says if he had 10p he would have reported it to Flapline

Thanks to Mervyn Campbell for these great selection of gull photos, although technically Little Gull is so cute it isnt a gull!!

Tsunami Alert

According to the all knowing Nobirds, Campbelltown is now in sight of Ballycastle. Evidently the south section of the Mull of Kintyre has slipped into to North Channel. If this is the case the northern and eastern coastal areas of Northern Ireland are likely to experience a huge Tsunami in the coming hours! It is clear the Crane sensed what was happening and flew south as quickly as possible. At least when the devastating waters recede we might be able to see a seagull! Thanks to our roving report Roy Cropper for reporting this Nobirds blooper!

Here are some photos of a second winter Iceland Gull