Thursday, 27 February 2014

Radio Nibirding Request Show

Well, Northern Ireland people - it was all over the news today, we thought it was the finish of the whole thing. Everything gone kaput. back to the madness - everything going up the left again and direct rule making all the decisions. At least then there was certainty, not like it is at the moment. An imperfect peace is no way to live - dictated to by a group of people,disconnected from reality and with their own personal political aspirations, making decisions for us - whilst claiming to be like us? No surprises that there was no real truth to the threats that Larry McGarry was going to resign from the Nobirds committee.
It was just the usual posturing to cover up for ineptitude and subterfuge. Who do we trust? Not the nobirds but we're constantly told that there's nobody else! We'll just stick to this path until there's open warfare on the streets again as a result of a decision to accept a ship-assisted Shore Plover that was sworn to make a rasping noise as it fell lifelessly into Belfast harbour.  Business as usual in northern ireland. black ducks and eagle owls all around. Pygmy Owl? Bismarck Hawk Owl? We've got 'em all here. tenner a pop. not too sure about other species of owls. We have around 200 species of owls in Northern Ireland (minus Tawny Owl). Here's a request from stephen 'jake the dicmax' maxwell. Yer Uncle Hugo loves ye.....(although he's not too sure about your MC Hammer trousers).