Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday 1st February

Nobirds still using my sightings, I wish they would get your own or else use some of that money they have to help me change my name by deed poll to "Birdguides" 

Anyway some of the following sightings may appear on Nobirds, they are mine!

The GLOSSY IBIS was still at Ballycarry
Adult Ring Billed Gull and Med Gull x Black Headed hybrid was at Carrick harbour. 
2 Med Gulls, adult and 2ndw were at Whitehead

Thanks to Geoff Campbell for a great selection, Gey Phalarope, Glaucous Gull and Snow Bunting.

Below is not another Pacific Diver photo but it is even rarer! Its a female Velvet Scoter photographed off Magilligan, Lough Foyle and ending today some Ring Billed Gull action from Portrush