Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday 31st March

An adult type Kumliens Gull was at Larne Lough (Neal Warnock)

On cue A small selection of gulls from Killybegs

 A second winter Kumliens Gull
 The photo above and two below are of a dark first winter Iceland Gull

 A Scandanavian or Argantatus Herring Gull, whatevers your poison!
 Photo above and the two below a mean looking Glauc!

 Interesting at least for me the bird above is almost certainly a pale winged Kumliens Gull but not recorded as such as you would need to pull a feather out of its wing to prove it for sure!
 Above and beelow Glaucs again!

Adult Kumliens Gull, the real deal!!

radio nibirding

Sunday, 30 March 2014

NIBirding Sunday 30th March

The Pectoral Sandpiper was seen again at Reedy Flat, It's great to see it over wintered successfuly.A Pinkfoot was at Ardmore. 

Thanks to Ian Dickey for Raven and Pipit photos and then some never seen before Thayers Gulls photos

radio nibirding

Saturday, 29 March 2014

NIBirding Saturday 29th March

A Meally Redpoll was at Richill (Andrew Poots)

Two photos from Stephen Maxwell and 3 from Ian Dickey

radio nibirding

Friday, 28 March 2014

radio nibirding

NIBiridng Friday 28th March

A first summer Iceland Gull was at Culmore Derry, (Christine Cassidy, Theo Campbell)

Thanks to Ronald Surgenor for the Carrion Crow photos and Ian Dickey for the Eider photos. Ian and Ronald both picked up cups at the recent NIOC awards.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

radio nibirding

Thursday 27th March

A Spotted Redshank was at Kinnegar Pool (Joe Lamont)
Nobirds, Nobirds, Nobirds just what are they playing at? They have went Black Throated Diver mental, for anyone interested there isnt 5 Black Throated Divers off Larne / Whitehead or 9 off Newcastle. An identification error and its easy done but why do Nobirds just not contact the observers involved and tell them they have likely made a mistake? Instead they put the news out and that somehow makes it real, it isnt. Perhaps if the Nobirders would get out and do a bit of birding in Northern Ireland they would realise the mistake after mistake they broadcast as fact. I doubt they will change now, once a McGarry always a McGarry
Thanks to Christine Cassidy for the King Eider and Red Necked Grebe photos from Donegal

Thailand photos, couldnt tell you what most of them are!