Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nobirds NO Conscience

Birders everywhere don’t be coy
You must not fall for the Nobirds ploy
For only £10 a member you can be
You will get lots for such a small fee
Information on birds, education and talks
Even specially produced bird reports
But beware dear birder it is all a trap
All you get fed is second hand crap
No AGM, Annual Reports or Accounts
Can you not just tell us what are the amounts
One hundred members, a thousand pounds a fair amount
No report for six years means about six grand in account
We know there are expenses and that is quite fine
But it doesn't cost much at all to run flapline
So come on Nobirds it is your duty
To let us know what you've done with the booty
We really don’t think it is at all funny
When we don’t know what you do with the money
Every birder who has made a donation
Has a right to be given an explanation
So Larry you need to be bold
And tell us all what you are doing with our fecking money

Ciderboss (NOT as per birdguides)