Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday 31st March

An adult type Kumliens Gull was at Larne Lough (Neal Warnock)

On cue A small selection of gulls from Killybegs

 A second winter Kumliens Gull
 The photo above and two below are of a dark first winter Iceland Gull

 A Scandanavian or Argantatus Herring Gull, whatevers your poison!
 Photo above and the two below a mean looking Glauc!

 Interesting at least for me the bird above is almost certainly a pale winged Kumliens Gull but not recorded as such as you would need to pull a feather out of its wing to prove it for sure!
 Above and beelow Glaucs again!

Adult Kumliens Gull, the real deal!!