Friday, 21 March 2014

NIBiridng Friday 21st March

The male Brambling is again in a private garden at Malone, Belfast (Dave Allen)

Nobirds go from strength to strength. After the stunning news of two Bullfinch (a Nobirds exclusive) they have now posted 3 photographs containing dots and are calling them Goshawk!! But what they dont do is tell you when and where the Goshawks where!! Sheer genius even by Nobirds standards, they really do educate us all, time after time after time!! But Suppression is Suppression and if they are the Bird News Information they claim to be they either suppress the sighting / photos and location or they post the photos and location. Anything else is pure snobbery.
In the meantime no word on the Bullfinches. the Nobirds Hoopoes are still singing out my back and there is a Redshank on my roof!! Its amazing the way Starlings imitate other species and Thrush's sound like Hoopoes!
For anyone interested Nobirds Incorporated are running a coach trip to the Bullfinchs tommorrow and if they have time they will swing by Tollymore for the Nobirds Hoopoe, Cost £10 and you will get educated on the bus

Congratulations to Stephen Maxwell for his recent win at the NIOC Competition, a tonic for Stephen after his recent illness. Thanks to Stephen for the photo below. Congratulations to the other winners and competitors in the competition and a special well done to people whose entries were taken in Northern Ireland. Photos taken in sunnier climes is kind of cheating, come on NIOC change the categorys make things fairer!

 The winter gull season is over so will post a few photos over the next few weeks. 2nd w Kumliens Gull to start with!