Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thursday 27th March

A Spotted Redshank was at Kinnegar Pool (Joe Lamont)
Nobirds, Nobirds, Nobirds just what are they playing at? They have went Black Throated Diver mental, for anyone interested there isnt 5 Black Throated Divers off Larne / Whitehead or 9 off Newcastle. An identification error and its easy done but why do Nobirds just not contact the observers involved and tell them they have likely made a mistake? Instead they put the news out and that somehow makes it real, it isnt. Perhaps if the Nobirders would get out and do a bit of birding in Northern Ireland they would realise the mistake after mistake they broadcast as fact. I doubt they will change now, once a McGarry always a McGarry
Thanks to Christine Cassidy for the King Eider and Red Necked Grebe photos from Donegal

Thailand photos, couldnt tell you what most of them are!