Tuesday, 1 April 2014

NIBiridng Tuesday 1st April

2 Iceland Gull were at Greencastlem Donegal., Christine Cassidy and Theo Campbell

No jokes today although how can we resist not mentioning the biggest fools of them all the Nobirds!! We have left them alone for too long, think its time for a campaign!
Does anyone else think the photograph of the Kingfisher on Nobirds is a bit odd? I suspect someones big fat hand is clamped around the Kingfishers feet!! Which begs the question? Why on earth would anyone trap a Kingfisher unless of course its "because we can" Well done to those involved
The Nobirds Hoopoe is still banging away every morning out my back yard and i was a bit naughty at weekend i seen 3 (yes 3) Bullfinch and didnt report it Flapline. I will be going on the Nobirds blacklist not reporting megas such as these! 

Thanks to Neal Warnock for these photos of Northern Irelands only Kumliens Gull of the winter, taken yesterday at Inver in Larne.

Tawny Owls in trouble in a changing world. Poor old Nobirds this doesnt stack with their aspersion that Tawny Owls are booming in the UK!
Interesting reading.

Six of the worst Spoonbill photos from Castle Espie. Thanks to Andrew Crory for these!
Andrew how are you coming on with that bird report?