Monday, 21 April 2014

Return of the Moths

By popular demand (all one of me) it's moths! Ah, moths. Where would we be without them? Dead, that's where we'd be. As dead as the possibility of Knobirds producing another Northern Ireland bird report. Amongst their other useful functions moths are responsible for the production of oxygen, the discovery of onions and acid house music and have nothing whatsoever to do with Cliff Richard, almonds and shower gel. All these moths can be found if you try.

Little Brown Job - or alternatively it's a Clouded Drab. If you ever need to use the term 'Little Brown Job' in real life then you should just leave us all alone and relapse on your Eastenders addiction. 

It's a herring gull derek - it has long wings and a head. Correct? You'd be wrong there Derek - it's a Pale Pinion.

Another Herring Gull Derek - aha! Fooled you again - it's a Rhigognostis incarnatella. It has an english name - Herring Gull. Flip me, Derek - you fell for it thrice.

 An obvious Kumlien's Gull - ever thought of doing one of those Rorschach tests Derek? It's Agonopterix you fool, its Agonopterix ocellana

A March Moth that occurred in March. Much more interesting than you Derek - when polled most people said you were a type of cardboard.

Now that I've got that all out of my system you won't hear from me again until I have some more mediocre moth photographs.