Thursday, 29 May 2014

Andrew has a fake beard

I don't like Country Music apart from the 2 Masters of the stage Hugo Duncan and Daniel O'Donnell, Philomena Begley can carry a tune as well.I don't care much for those yank CnW fraudsters, sticking on a big hat and singing about dying doesn't really cut it. Andrews dream is to be a County and Western Star, i know this to be true, Leonard told me.
My run of dipping continues with no sign of Nobirds Hobby or Garganey. I do have two different moths in the house, i dont know what they are but i am sure they are not rare as i live in Lurgan.
And it is true Andrews beard is a fake, he cant grow one himself but he cant tell Jools as thats the only thing she likes aabout him. I dont like his beard or the rest of him.
Here are some great photos by Mervyn Campbell
Anyone else notice how bad Nobirds blog has become since we have hit the slow button?

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