Friday, 2 May 2014

Letter from Andrew

Dear Derk
Life with my old friends the Nobirds is great, you dont have to do anything! I certainly dont have to do any birding in Northern Ireland indeed the Hieararchy frown upon it. As for bird reports i can say in no uncertain terms its put your feet up time and get the cigars out on that one. All i have to do is put loads and load of common bird sightings and loads and load of common bird photos on to the most unexciting blog the world has ever seen.
We pass the time away talking about everyone behind their back in fact i have to sink the boot into you Derk and they do laugh a lot about the Pantymime Horse and his friendship with Reginald Bosenquet. They get on like a load of big ginny anne girls but thats the price i have to pay for getting back into the fold.
They have sent me on a course on how to suppress good bird sightings and i have learned Nobirds facts like Montagues Harriers nest on Saltmarsh, an absolute Classic!
On the downside I have to pretend that I don't like moths, flowers or any type of wildlife. They are also putting me under enormous pressure to get someone from outside Northern Ireland to join the records committee.
Every night we go to Castleward to hand feed the Nobirds Tawny Owl in fact the top geezer Larry McGarry has told me that isotope analysis from feathers collected prove the Owl was born in Isle of Man, honest guv.
My main job is to count the tenners every evening, I start at 6pm and when I go to bed at 1am I am still only half way through the stash.
Derk I would like to say it was fun but that would be a big lie, long live Nobirds.
Andy Pandy McGarry