Monday, 26 May 2014

Nibirding News Monday something or other

No much happening here as usual - Derek has thrown in the towel and has skipped off into the sunset to fulfill his lifelong ambition and record his country and western album with his band 'The Dirty Clarts'.

I've managed to get a sneak preview and can tell you it's pretty awful - here's the track listing, released on audio cassette.

Side 1
1. Keep your high hand low
2. Would ye tackle thon, Cecil?
3. Me clackers are knackered
4. She's a big girl, so she is

Side 2

1. Mouldin' up the purdahs
2. I like sheep
3. Say nothing till ye hear more
4. She's my cousin but she sure is pretty

Working title for the album is 'If ye keep stroking it, it might fall off'

Say what you like about country music but if it originates in Northern Ireland it's crap.

Marsh Fritillaries were on the wing today at Murlough per William Crory aged 3 years and 1 week

Is there any point in reporting Cuckoos at Murlough? No.

Bird News highlights were the appearance of a Silver-laced Wyandotte and two Welsummer bantams at an undisclosed location. The Osprey was still at Corbett Lough