Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Hello to all you ladies and waterbears. Dereks album bombed but I was talking to him and he remains undeterred. I  was telling him to persevere as he's bound to hit the big time someday

Here is todays list of birds.................

 Small Angle Shades - several coming to my feeders

Treble Lines - just after having a wash in the birdbath

Seems to prefer black niger seeds and One Direction played backwards

Possibly the most common moth at my fat balls

 Fox moth - an alcoholic. 2 parts grenadine, 3 parts gin, 4 parts gravy granules

 Brimstone - meth addict

Small Phoenix - prog rock guru

 Common Cockchafer  - does what it says on the tin

Green carpet - aren't birds great?

Scorched Carpet - oooh, suits you sir!

And let's finish with Poplar Hawkwind moth....

and as the perfect segue................ (unless you're mental)  this........

Other trash bird news were a pair of garganey at portmore (co. antrim), a hobby at montiaghs (co. antrim) and a marsh harrier at lough cowey (co. down).  none of these were moths so they are dross but it's ok as I stole them from nobirds via a proxy. I like to call them the Knobirds.