Sunday, 4 May 2014

radio nibirding 4th May

no sign of anybody round here - Derek must have left. you'd have thought he'd turned the light off

In Co. Londonderry:
A Quail was at Lough Beg

In fair, verdant and peaceful Co. Down:
The Spoonbill was at Castle Espie

A Glossy Ibis flew over Lough Cowey near Portaferry

I had my first Scalloped Hazel and Pebble Prominent of the year so I'm happy. At the same time it's like seeing a Dunnock and a Wren. If that floats your boat so be it - I'd rather have the moths any day.

Derek must have legged it - well, he's not going to want that packet of out of date cheese-strings at the back of the fridge then is he?

If he's not here he's not going to mind if I call him a fart-face either.